Bill Rajewski
Celebratory sign for 30 years in business
Bill Rajewski, owner of Perry/Legend

     The general manager and owner of Perry Legend Collision Repair Center, Bill Rajewski, tells the story behind the success of the company:

     Perry/Legend was born on August 4, 1986.  We first opened our doors at 1600 Old Highway 63 South in Columbia, Missouri in what used to be a complete BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, and Renault repair shop.  From the first moment we began growing fast; by April of 1987 we were already working under the overhang, where the previous owners displayed their cars.  We already had a frame machine, a mechanical lift and an alignment machine in place, so we ran out of room pretty soon.  In the middle of 1987 we found a place on Providence Road where a furniture store used to be.  On Thanksgiving weekend of 1987 we moved into a building at 1407 North Providence.

     In 1990 we began large vehicle repairs and built a 9,600 square-foot addition to the facility for large truck repairs.  By adding this segment to the building we cut back on our parking lot by about 40 percent and had limited vehicle storage ability.  Despite these difficulties, we continued to do business there all the way through until the fall of 2001 when we moved to our current location at 3101 Lemone Industrial Blvd.  We celebrated our first anniversary at the new location in October of 2001.

     We probably won't stop growing here and will expand further as business needs demand it.  We have gone from a company with gross sales in the hundreds of thousands to one and a half million within the first 5 months.  We grossed nearly 5 million(USD) the following year.  Perry/Legend is growing and with new ideas on the market and the adaptation of new technologies we can further benefit our customers with repairs.

How We Started

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